New version of Manjari Typeface released

A new version of Manjari Malayalam typeface is available now. Version 2.000 comes with a few bugfixes and glyph additions. Most of the changes are based on a review by Google fonts team. New version is available at SMC website for preview and download. Changes Design correction for Malayalam number 10 to better match the attestations (0d6b0fc2) Avoid glyphs that use components that are components themself (6fe9b35d) Add ligatures glyphs for ൻ + ് + റ version of nta (2c39ae08) Review and update diacritics alignment (c498245d) Rename License. [Read More]

Manjari version 1.800 released

A new version of Manjari Malayalam typeface is available now. Version 1.800 adds tabular number and slashed zero opentype features along with bug fixes. New version of the font is available at: Tabular numbers The Kerala health department publishes daily COVID-19 reports and they use Manjari(example). Sometimes the numbers in table in Manjari font is slightly difficult to read when you want to compare the numbers in columns across rows. [Read More]

Chilanka font version 1.500 released

A new version of Chilanka Malayalam typeface is available now. Version 1.500 adds glyphs required to support International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration New version of the font is available at: Chilanka was the first typeface I designed in 2014 for Malayalam. The usecase I had in mind while designing it was to use it in comic or non-serious contexts. But once it was released, contrary to my expectation, people used for serious Malayalam writing. [Read More]

Chilanka version 1.400 released

A new version of Chilanka typeface is available now. Version 1.400 is available for download from SMC’s font download and preview site For users, there is not much changes, but the source and code build system got a major upgrade. Source code updated to UFO format from fontforge sfd format. This allows to work with modern font editors. Use cubic beziers for master design, generate OTF along with TTF. [Read More]

Gayathri – New Malayalam typeface

Swathanthra Malayalam Computing is proud to announce Gayathri – a new typeface for Malayalam. Gayathri is designed by Binoy Dominic, opentype engineering by Kavya Manohar and project coordination by Santhosh Thottingal. This typeface was financially supported by Kerala Bhasha Institute, a Kerala government agency under cultural department. This is the first time SMC work with Kerala Government to produce a new Malayalam typeface. Gayathri is a display typeface, available in Regular, Bold, Thin style variants. [Read More]

Kindle supports custom fonts

I am pleasantly surprised to see that Amazon Kindle now supports installing custom fonts. A big step towards supporting non-latin content in their devices. I can now read Malayalam ebooks in my kindle with my favorite fonts. [][1]Content rendered in Manjari font. Note that I installed Bold, Regular, Thin variants so that Kindle can pick up the right one This feature is introduced in Kindle version released in June 2018. [Read More]

Stylistic Alternates for ച്ച, ള്ള in Manjari and Chilanka fonts

The ligatures for the Malayalam conjuncts ച്ച, ള്ള have less popular variants as shown below The second form is not seen in print but often in handwritten Malayalam. I have seen it a lot in bus boards especially at Thiruvananthapuram. There are no digital typefaces with the second style, except the Chilanka font I designed. It uses the second variant of ച്ച. I got lot of appreciation for that style variant, but also recieved request for the first form of ച്ച. [Read More]

Anniversary of Manjari font release

Today, July 23 marks one year anniversary of Manjari font release. Out of all my projects, this is the project that gave me highest satisfaction. I see people using it in social media every day for memes, banners, notices. I have seen the font used for Government publishings, notices, reports. I have seen wedding invitations, book covers, Movie titles with Manjari font. I am so happy that Malayalam speakers loved it. [Read More]

Detailed font reports using fontreport tool

Google i18n team developed a tool to create detailed report of fonts. The tool named fontreport, produces a multi page PDF with Unicode coverage of the font, what glyphs are in it, what Open Type features it supports, available ligatures, and glyph substitutions. Optionally the tool can also create plain text reports. The PDF is generated using TeX. Manjari font report generated using fontreport tool I found it very useful to create report for a dozen of fonts I maintain with Swathantha Malayalam Computing community. [Read More]

Fontconfig language matching

I had to spend a few hours to debug a problem about fontconfig not identifiying a font for a language. Following the tradition of sharing the knowledge you acquired in hard way, let me note it down here for search engines. The font that I am designing now has 3 style variants, thin, regular and bold. All has same family name. So if you set this family for whatever purpose, depending on context, thin, regular or bold versions will be picked up. [Read More]