I am a language computing professional and a typeface designer.

I lead varoius language computing projects at Swathanthra Malayalam Computing. Many of my works on Malayalam computing enable millions of Malayalam users on their computers or phones. I maintain a number of free software projects related to Indic language computing too.

I have done significant contributions to Malayalam digital typography. I have designed two popular Malayalam typefaces named Chilanka and Manjari. Also maintains a number of other Malayalam unicode fonts. You can see all of these fonts in SMC website

Currently I am working as Principal software engineer at Language Engineering team of Wikimedia Foundation. I work on MediaWiki language support, internationalization, localization, input methods for large number of languages in which Wikipedia exist, fonts, translation tools etc. I live at Palakkad, Kerala, India. I work remotely.

This blog also has posts by my life partner Kavya Manohar.