New version of Manjari Typeface released

A new version of Manjari Malayalam typeface is available now. Version 2.000 comes with a few bugfixes and glyph additions. Most of the changes are based on a review by Google fonts team.

New version is available at SMC website for preview and download.


  • Design correction for Malayalam number 10 to better match the attestations (0d6b0fc2)
  • Avoid glyphs that use components that are components themself (6fe9b35d)
  • Add ligatures glyphs for ൻ + ് + റ version of nta (2c39ae08)
  • Review and update diacritics alignment (c498245d)
  • Rename License.txt to OFL.txt (a483e86c and 40411ef0)
  • Revert “Use consistant hhea ascender and descender” and disable vertical metrics check in fontbakery (832e54e3 and 05a899d1)
  • GDEF: Change the Mark glyphs to non-spacing and add more mark glyphs (550d0515)
  • Improve fractions glyphs for consistant stroke widths (b6e70bb5)
  • Fix points out of bounds issues (285417c6)
  • Add ക്ട്ര ligature glyph (186fdb4b)
  • Add more tests for kerning and latin (9d900e58)
  • CI: Exclude name check in fontbakery (c28d095f)
  • Multiple build toolchain updates

The latest version is not yet available at Google fonts. But I hope it will be updated soon.

PS: In case you are a frequent reader of this blog and wonder about long silence since last November, I was on parental leave👶

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