Kindle supports custom fonts

I am pleasantly surprised to see that Amazon Kindle now supports installing custom fonts. A big step towards supporting non-latin content in their devices. I can now read Malayalam ebooks in my kindle with my favorite fonts.

Content rendered in Manjari font. Note that I installed Bold, Regular, Thin variants so that Kindle can pick up the right one

This feature is introduced in Kindle version released in June 2018. Once updated to that version, all you need is to connect the device using the USB cable to your computer. Copy your fonts to the fonts folder there. Remove the usb cable. You will see the fonts listed in font selector.

Kindle had added Malayalam rendering support back in 2016, but the default font provided was one of the worst Malayalam fonts. It had wrong glyphs for certain conjuncts and font had minimal glyphs.

I tried some of the SMC Malayalam fonts in the new version of Kindle. Screenshots given below

Custom fonts selection screen. These fonts were copied to the device
Select a font other than the default one
Content in Rachana.
Make sure to check the version. is the latest version and it supports custom fonts

6 thoughts on “Kindle supports custom fonts”

  1. @Santhosh
    I wish to type in Manjari font in Indesign CC 2017. What should I do. Please reply fast.
    Dr Sreeraj K Damodar

  2. I used the Meera for tamil. There is a rendering problem not able to read with it. Default font works fine, but as you said it’s bad font.

  3. Hi, Nice to hear that the latest update is working for you. I am from Bhutan and I was reading ebooks in Dzongkha/Tibetan scripts on my kindle 8th Gen. using the steps mentioned here ( Unfortunately, with the latest update, the rendering is broken. Dzonkgha/Tibetan script has stacked characters and now these stacks are no longer rendered correctly. I hope it would be fixed in a future update.

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