Web application for learning Malayalam writing

In my previous blog post, I wrote about an experiment of using SVG path animation to help learn malayalam letter writing. That prototype application was well received by many people and that encouraged me to host it as a proper application. Now, the Malayalam learning application is available at https://learn.smc.org.in Source code: https://gitlab.com/smc/mlmash I added all letters of Malayalam there. Added a few common ligatures too. Kavya helped to record and add pronunication of these letters with couple of examples. [Read More]

Animated SVGs for learning Malayalam writing

I wanted to make an educational typeface with writing directions in each glyphs. Something like this: But considering the effort it takes I was bit confused whether it is really necessary to have a typeface or just images like this will suffice. Recently, I read about SVG path animations and I thought animating the path inside each letters will be more helpful than static image with drawing directions. The Chilanka and Manjari typefaces I designed have SVG images with strokes as master designs and in most of the cases, the stroke path directions are the writing directions. [Read More]

Digital garden

docs.thottingal.in is my personal knowledge space I try to document and share everything I know about this world in form of an online GitBook hosted on GitHub. What is a digital garden? In basic terms, it is a different format for written content on the web. It’s about moving away from blog posts ordered by dates and categories, into more of an interlinked web of notes. Blog posts are articles at a point in time, while here it is living document. [Read More]