Digital garden is my personal knowledge space I try to document and share everything I know about this world in form of an online GitBook hosted on GitHub.

What is a digital garden?

In basic terms, it is a different format for written content on the web. It’s about moving away from blog posts ordered by dates and categories, into more of an interlinked web of notes. Blog posts are articles at a point in time, while here it is living document. Digital gardens are also known as Zettelkasten or Second Brain.

I got inspiration from Nikita Voloboev to start this space. There is a DigitalGardens community on Reddit which discusses tools to maintain & create these wikis. As well as how to use them to develop new transformative tools for thought. Here is a curated list of such Zettelkastens/ Second Brains / Digital Gardens.

There is no permananent links in this site, except the domain. Since this is a living document, I rearrange the content very often.

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