A spellchecker webservice supporting 90 languages

https://spell.toolforge.org/ is a webservice providing spellcheck web API for 90 languages.

I wrote this service hoping that it can be potentially integrated to wikipedia editor to help contributors.

The spellchecker backend is hunspell for majority of the languages. It can also proxy similar webservices to provide a single interface. For Malayalam language it uses such an external web API.

This Express based nodejs service interfaces to hunspell using nodehun.


  • GET spellcheck/:language/:word: Check the word in the given language for spelling mistakes. Example
  • POST spellcheck/:language: Check the words in the text passed for spelling mistakes. The posted body should be json with “text” key containing text.
  • GET list/languages: List available languages. Example


As an example, I created a TinyMCE Editor with spellchecker capability using this API

See the Pen Spellchecker example by Santhosh Thottingal (@santhoshtr) on CodePen.

Source code

Source code for the service is available at https://github.com/santhoshtr/spellchecker-webservice/

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