Collaboratively edited documentation for Indic font developers

One of the integral building blocks for providing multilingual support for digital content are fonts. In current times, OpenType fonts are the choice. With the increasing need for supporting languages beyond the Latin script, the TrueType font specification was extended to include elements for the more elaborate writing systems that exist. This effort was jointly undertaken in the 1990s by Microsoft and Adobe. The outcome of this effort was the OpenType Specification – a successor to the TrueType font specification. [Read More]

Using Inkscape for DTP in Indic Scripts

A good page layout package for GNU/Linux with Indic language and unicode support is one of the missing item in the list of software packages for Indic computing. Scribus gives hope but it is still not ready to serve the purpose. So what could be the solution? Should we wait or find out ‘workarounds’? No, There is a solution. Till scribus is ready with indic support Inkscape will help us. Inkscape is not a DTP software, but it can do it if required. [Read More]

Hacking the GLMatrix screensaver

I am sure that many of you are fans of “The Matrix” series. And many of you might be using the Matrix Screensavers in your system. But did you ever think like this: “Why cant that glowing green glyphs that rains in black screen be Indic ?” Well, Not a bad Idea. Right? Ok, Shall we try to hack the glmatrix screen saver? Here you go! Download the xscreensaver sourcecode from http://www. [Read More]
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