Using Inkscape for DTP in Indic Scripts

A good page layout package for GNU/Linux with Indic language and unicode support is one of the missing item in the list of software packages for Indic computing. Scribus gives hope but it is still not ready to serve the purpose. So what could be the solution? Should we wait or find out ‘workarounds’?

No, There is a solution. Till scribus is ready with indic support Inkscape will help us. Inkscape is not a DTP software, but it can do it if required. Using its text objects and other text/image editing features we can design pages in Unicode itself. And with Pango rendering.

Using inkscape is not difficult and it comes with good tutorials in SVG format and those tutorial pages are also an illustration of how to do page layout. You can save your work in SVG, PNG ,PDF etc..

I just tried to design two pages in Malayalam and result was satisfactory.

Thanks to Anivar for pointing out this possibility of Inkscape.

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