Mediawiki Berlin hackathon

I am just back from Mediawiki Berlin Hackathon. On May 13 to 15, Mediawiki developers attended the hackathon and squashed many bugs and discussed many features. Members of language committee had its first real-life meeting in parallel with hackathon. It was a nice event, learned a lot, talked to many awesome hackers and linguists. Milos Rancic has written a summary of the discussions happened during language committee meeting here : http://lists. [Read More]

Open Letter to Mammootty from Free Software Community

Microsoft will be signing up Malayalam movie star Mammootty as one of the brand ambassadors for the Computer Literacy programme that is to be organized soon in Kerala. FOSS community writes an open letter to Mammootty to Reconsider Promotion of Microsoft and their Proprietary Softwares.

It is available here: An open letter to Mammootty. I request all to endorse Open letter to Mammooty by adding your name there.

A nice post on ILUG-TVM on the issue: Another of M$’s dirty tactics