Mediawiki Berlin hackathon

I am just back from Mediawiki Berlin Hackathon. On May 13 to 15, Mediawiki developers attended the hackathon and squashed many bugs and discussed many features. Members of language committee had its first real-life meeting in parallel with hackathon. It was a nice event, learned a lot, talked to many awesome hackers and linguists.


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  1. Santhosh,

    Don’t really know where else to post this so it reaches you….
    I am using the webfont extension for merely displaying German print fonts used before 1945. Firefox, IE up to version 6 and safari display those fine, just IE7 and up won’t, no matter which converter I am using to get TTF to EOT. – Is there a hack to get your syntax to work in IE ?

    ‘FONTNAME’ => array(
    ‘eot’ => “$fontsPath/frk/Fraktur.eot”, /** This one … does it need an extra declaration ??? */
    ‘ttf’ => “$fontsPath/frk/Fraktur.ttf”,
    ‘woff’ => “$fontsPath/frk/Fraktur.woff”,

    It serves “my” purpose – don’t need a full blown different language for mediawiki, but a good way to display webfonts. Some texts I need to present simply work better using an older font set.

    Thanks for your time,

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