A laboratory manual for basic analog communication experiments

I was in need of a manual for introducing the analog communication lab experiments to students who had no prior exposure to electronic circuits or analog communication techniques. Since I found no such book which matched my needs, I planned  to prepare a laboratory manual which could help students with the basic understanding of electronic circuit theory to learn and experiment the fundamentals of analog communication techniques.


The lab manual discusses different methods of implementing analog modulation and demodulation using transistors, switching IC CD4016, opamp IC 741, PLL IC CD4046, timer IC 555 etc along with passive components like IFTs(Intermediate Frequency Transformers), capacitors and resistors. Introduction of every new circuit component is associated with an appendix section which contains details from the manufacturer’s data sheet. Every experiment is explained with associated circuit diagrams, which were drawn using gEDA schematic editor. Signal waveforms associated with the experiments were simulated in octave and given along with the experiment.

The first version is released and it is available here.

Comments on improvement in conceptual clarity, diagrams, typography or language is most welcome. If you have ideas on expanding the contents with more experiments please let me know.

The github repository of the project: https://github.com/kavyamanohar/analogcommunication.

This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 India License.

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