/* say_namaskaar.c
 *  This is a sample C code using dhvani text to speech API which I am 
 *  developing now and planning to release soon. New version of dhvani 
 *  will provide a shared library libdhvani and it allows other C or C++
 *  applications to use dhvani synthesizer. Tamil and Marathi modules, pitch, tempo 
 *  control etc are the features for the coming release.
 *  I need to prepare documentation, fix many bugs, test, commit the files in cvs ...
 *  Looking for some free time for all these...
 *  Visit

/* compile with gcc -ldhvani -o namaskaar say_namaskaar.c */
#include <dhvani/dhvani_lib.h>
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    dhvani_options options;
    /* Set the pitch and tempo of the speech */
    options.tempo = -10.0; /* reduce the speed by 10%  */
    options.pitch = 2.0;    /* increase the pitch b 2 semitons */
    options.rate = 16000;  /* 16KHz Sampling rate */
    /* Initialize dhvani */
    /* Say Namaskar */
    dhvani_say("नमसकार",  &options);
    /* close the synthesizer */
    return 0;
/*  We can write a blog post in C too :P . Syntax highlighted by Code2HTML */

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