Introductory Workshop on Version Control Systems

The IEEE student branch of College of Engineering, Chengannur is doing a commendable initiative conducting a week long student quality improvement programme. I was invited to give an introductory workshop on version control systems as part of ISQIP 2016. It was a good experience to be with a group of enthusiastic youngsters. The need of version control systems and demonstration of version controlling using git was done during the workshop. The slides of presentation is here. [Read More]

Indic Language Computing Workout, Pune

On 22nd August, I conducted a workout session with Praveen on Indic Language Computing at Red Hat Office, Pune. The plan was to solve some of the issues in Devanagari support for the encoding converter Payyans. But most of the time was spent on Introducing the concepts of Indic language computing to participants. Project Silpa was also introduced and demonstrated. Students from College of Engg, Pune and other colleges attended. Red Hat sponsored the venue at their office. [Read More]