Openoffice Indic Regional Language group

We just formed Indic Regional Language group for Openoffice. This is as per the Openoffice Native Language Consortium Plans. The objectives of such groups can be read from here. Basically the group is meant for better coordination among Indic languages to make Openoffice experience in our language better. The announcement of this group is here Thanks to Charles-H. Schulz, we got a mailing list To subscribe login to [Read More]

Hyphenation of Indian Languages and Openoffice

What is Hiphenation? Hyphenation is the process inserting hyphens in between the syllables of a word so that when the text is justified, maximum space is utilized. Hiphenation is an important feature that DTP softwares provide. For Indian languages there is no good DTP softwares available. XeTex is the only choice to work with unicode and professional quality page layout. But xetex and DTP are not exactly same. Inkscape can be used as temporary solution. [Read More]