Sulekha: Transliteration Based Indic Texteditor

Learning how to type in our own Mother tongue is always a problem for newbies. Usually we will just use English as “yeh kya hey” while chatting/mailing. It is because of this reason the transliteration based input methods are more popular than the Inscript in some languages. Google recently released their Indic transliterate service, a web based text editor which will take English words and convert to Indic languages with the help of some machine learning. [Read More]
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Hacking the GLMatrix screensaver

I am sure that many of you are fans of “The Matrix” series. And many of you might be using the Matrix Screensavers in your system. But did you ever think like this: “Why cant that glowing green glyphs that rains in black screen be Indic ?” Well, Not a bad Idea. Right? Ok, Shall we try to hack the glmatrix screen saver? Here you go! Download the xscreensaver sourcecode from http://www. [Read More]
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