Firefox spellcheck bugs…

Firefox spellcheck feature requires some volunteers to fix the

tokenization issue. There are two bugs related to the tokenization

  1. Bug 434044 – The tokenization of words for spellcheck is wrong when there is a ZWJ/ZWNJ/ZWS in the word. – Reported: 2008-05-16 07:49 PDT by Santhosh Thottingal
  2. Bug 318040 – Spell checker flags words containing full stops (periods) Reported: 2005-11-28 12:45 PDT by Joseph Wright

Bug in Firefox Spellcheck

There is a bug in Firefox in the spell check functionality that affects many Indian Langauges using Zero Width [Non] Joiners in the words. Firefox uses hunspell as the spelling checker. Openoffice also uses Hunspell. The bug is not there in Openoffice and problem with firefox is with the tokenization of words in editable textfields before doing spellcheck. Firefox splits the words if there is ZWJ/ZWNJ in the word. And because of this the input to the spellchecker is wrong and it is not the actual word. [Read More]