10 GB /var/log/messages file

Again fedora! 🙂 After the installation of linux kernel and linux operating system, I installed some libraries, some small applications that I usually use… I have a partition for Fedora 9 with 14 GB size. After installing all those softwares, when I rebooted the system today, the gdm was not starting. GDM kept on restarting and I could not take a user session by pressing ALT + CTRL + F1. hmm… So added single at the kernel argument in the grub, and got the shell. [Read More]

Linux Kernel in Linux Operating System.

Last night I decided to try out the new Fedora 9. I got the ISO image and I did not want to waste time and CD by burning it. I have Debian Lenny in my laptop. So edited the grub configuration and gave the path to the vmllinuz and initrd.img extracted from the iso image. Everything worked fine and it started installing packages and I was watching the blue progress bar with sleepy eyes… [Read More]
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