Book Review - Tamil Computing By Dr. R. Ponnusamy

I recently learned about a new book titled “Tamil Computing” by Dr. R. Ponnusamy. It sparked my own long-held desire to write a book on Malayalam Computing, which friends have encouraged me to publish. I am still not convinced that a “printed book” is a good idea to present this topic yet. Not to mention the amount of time it require for such initiatives. So, I was intrigued by this book promptly purchased a copy from amazon. [Read More]

Concerns on using AI in classrooms

There’s been a recent surge in news reports about schools, including those in Kerala, incorporating AI into classrooms. For example this news titled “Kerala School Introduces IRIS: India’s First AI Teacher Robot” Today, I learned about a teacher training program organized by the Kerala Education Department. The program focuses on training teachers before students on AI tools. While I generally support teacher training on new technologies that can potentially improve teaching or save time, I’m curious about the specific problems AI is expected to solve. [Read More]