About Kavya

(Kavya’s personal website is here.)

I am a teacher in the field of electronics, signal processing and digital communication.

Professionally  I am employed as Assistant Professor at Govt. Engineering college, Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad. The everyday experience as a teacher keeps the learner in me always alive. I love to share what I learn.

I am involved in various projects on Malayalam language computing.  An attempt to analyse Malayalam text phonetically using finite state transducers can be seen here.  I have had my hands wet in digital type design and open type engineering of a couple of fonts maintained by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing.

I maintain a project to create lab manuals for various lab courses for Electronics and Communication Engineering. The manuals created so far are published under CC-BY-SA licence. The repository of lab manuals is open for all stakeholders to collaborate and enrich its contents. These are hosted in github.

I try to engage with the world immediate to me in the possible ways to make life better for everyone around. It was a moment of pride that upon a request filed by me to the Chief Minister of Kerala, the Director of Higher Education Kerala issued a circular clarifying that there exists no regulations to insist the female teaching faculties to adhere to the dress code of saree.

In this blog Santhosh and myself write about our thoughts and passions.