Video interviews on SMC and FOSS

While the COVID-19 pandemic is going on, Kerala free software communities started doing interview series with active contributors. The interviews were very informal and was about personal journey and the story behind the projects. And they were all in Malayalam.

I gave 3 such interviews in last few weeks. I am going to list them in this blog post.

Humans of SMC Series

This was an initiative by Tinkerhub, a non-profit organization which promotes the creation of tech-talent focused among youth, especially students. Hrishikesh interviewed me for them.

Student developer society

Student developer society is a community with a vision to bridge the gap between students and professionals. They conduct workshops and training to help professional students. This was an AMA like interview, hosted by Abraham Raji.


IB Computing is a popular video blog that discusses about technology in Malayalam by Mujeeb Rahman. Mujeeb was doing an interview series with people working on technology relevant to Kerala and Malayalam language.

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