Updated Swanalekha JavaScript Library

Six years back I wrote a javascript version of popular Swanalekha input method. Friends were requesting web based version that they can use in Windows platforms too. Swanalekha was initially written as a SCIM input method and later m17n input method, readily available in GNU/Linux platform. I had provided a bookmarklet version too. Later Rajiv Nair and Nishan Nasir wrote Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Yesterday I noticed that the updated Marunadan Malayali news portal using my javascript library to power Malayalam input method in their search boxes. I don’t track who else or how many use these libraries and tools. But I quickly realized how bad the code is. Or in other words, How better I can write them today. 6 years is a long span of time anyway.

So I did some cleanup and rewrite, added documentation, example and here it is: http://thottingal.in/projects/swanalekha/swanalekha-ml.html

Code: https://github.com/smc/input-methods/tree/master/swanalekha-js


6 thoughts on “Updated Swanalekha JavaScript Library”

  1. Can you write a javascript api which can be used with “contenteditable” html element also ?
    If possible add google transliteration like suggetion for words ?
    I have interest to work on this api .

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