Dictionary Jabber Buddy Bots

Recently we released two Jabber buddy bots for dictionary lookup. By adding eng.mal.dict@gmail.com as a chat contact one can ask for the meaning of an English word in Malayalam by just sending a chat message. Similarly for English-Hindi or Hindi-English dictionary, we have another bot eng.hin.dict@jabber.org. Both of these dictionaries use Dict databases based on  DICT protocol.

Both of these bots were well received  by the users. We have 8000+ users for English-Malayalam Dictionary.  Online blogs/media also gave good publicity. Thanks a lot!.

SMC developers Rajeesh Nambiar, Ershad, Ragsagar, and  Sarath Lakshman had helped in improving the program. You can get the source code from here. It is a small program written using python XMPP library.

We had written this programs one year back, 2009 december itself. We could not launch them for public since we did not had a server to host them.  Usually webhosting providers wont allow to run programs like this in their servers. Recently netdotnet.com provided a VPS server for SMC and we could launch them from that server.

English-Hindi dictionary is reasonably big, but English-Malayalm is very small with only ~10k words. So we just added a Malayalam Wiktionary backend for the bot.

Here is a video on how to use English-Hindi bot prepared by  Varun Verma

We can start this kind of bot for other languages too, if we have dictionaries with Free S/w compatible licenses. If interested, please contact me.

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