Project Silpa Updates

[Please read the Silpa project annoucement  before reading this blogpost]

Project silpa is getting ready for a 0.1 version.

  1. The web framework got many changes to support JSON based RPC calls from external applications. That means,  web/desktop applications can use the APIs of Silpa through RPC calls.
  2. Page rendering logic is moved from server to client. Web interface use javascript based synchronous JSON based RPC calls to get the results from server. Jquery is used for render the page.
  3. Uses PyMeld Templating Engine for modules having web interface(Not all modules will not have web interface)
  4. Framework is now Python WSGI application. Initially it was plain CGI. WSGI reduces the response time and allows the server to be executed as daemon
  5. Many new modules are getting added- Spellchecker : which is not based on aspell or hunspell  and I am going to try out some algorithms to get optimal suggestions. Not completed.
  6. Soundex Algorithm- webbased demo and APIs as I explained in my  previous blog post
  7. An Inexact search algorithm and its implementation based on visual and phonetic distance between two words is getting ready. I will explain it in another blogpost
  8. Hyphenation – Online tool as well as APIs
  9. N-gram for Indic languages– API, web interface
  10. API documentation is going on, but not completed. I have plans to make silpa as a python library for offline use too.
  11. Moved from SMC‘s git repo to a seperate git repo. After 0.1 baseline, I will create branches for stable and development.
  12. Application is running on a git controlled deployment workflow. Thanks to Joe Maller  for nice documentation on this.

That’s all for now!.  There are too many things to be done. Some of the modules does not support all languages as of now.  If anybody interested in contributing to the project, please contact me.  Try out the application, read the code and let me know your comments.

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