Spell checker and Late night coding..

It was a wonderful week end. Myself and Benzi were working on the spell checker for Malayalam. In April we had done lot of research on this. We did the coding for the dictionary representation in the Binary Retrieval tree (TRIE). Saturday night we did the candidate list generation coding. It is a wonderful experience to code in the late night – one laptop and two persons to code!!!. Every thing worked fine. When we finished the coding, we realized that the application can be tuned to a universal(?) spell checker. So sunday we tested it using a 3 lakh english words.. Worked fine!!. We compared the spelling options generated with aspell. Ours was giving more options since our dictionary is bigger than aspell’s.

We want it to be called as bspell :-). But qns….

Why bspell? what is the extra/less features that bspell has compared to aspell

how to make it language independent?

How to rank the spelling suggestions?

How to make it work with Office suits/Editors?

Answer is “study Aspell”

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