My Projects, Hacks

This page lists some of my projects and hacks. Most of the projects are done with the Swathanthra Malayalam Computing community. But the projects are generic in nature most of the time , not limiting to Malayalam alone.

Important: It is bit difficult to maintain this page up to date. So see my github profile in addition to this incomplete list. Also please take a look at my digital garden


Silpa, Swathanthra Indian Language Processing Applications is a web platform to host the free(dom) software language processing applications easily. It is a web framework and a set of applications for processing Indian Languages in many ways. Or in other words, it is a platform for porting existing and upcoming language processing applications to the web. Silpa can also be used as a python library or as a webservice from other applications. More than 15 application modules are available now and developers actively adding and improving modules. Visit the project

License: AGPL , Language: Python


Dhvani is a Text to speech system for Indian Language. It supports 10 Indian languages. It won FOSS India Award 2008. You can read more about the project from

License: GPLv2+, Language: C

Input Methods

Swanalekha SCIM/M17N based input method for GNU/Linux :

Swanalekha Bookmarklet:

Swanalekha javascript library Malayalam:

Swanalekha javascript library Tamil:

Swanalekha Firefox extension: (Along with Nishan Naseer)

Swanalekha jquery plugin: developed by Nishan Naseer based on javascript library :

Predictive text entry with ibus


Malayalam Spellchecker based on GNU Aspell and Hunspell : . This is available in Fedora and Debian based GNU/Linux distros.

Openoffice spelling checker extension

Firefox Malayalam spellchecker extension


Matrix Digital Rain Screensaver In Malayalam!!!

KDE Indic Screensavers


  1. Malayalam Hyphenation Rules version 1.2
  2. Kannada Hyphenation Rules version 1.1
  3. Bengali Hyphenation Rules verson 1.1
  4. Hindi Hyphenation Rules version 1.1
  5. Telugu Hyphenation Rules version 1.0
  6. Tamil Hyphenation Rules version 1.0
  7. Gujarati Hyphenation Rules version 1.0
  8. Panjabi Hyphenation Rules version 1.0
  9. Oriya Hyphenation Rules version 1.0
  10. Marathi Hyphenation Rules version 1.0

Javascript based hyphenation in webpages: javascript library

A hyphenator bookmarklet :


Indic Soundex: Algorithm , Implementation

Approximate Search : Cross language approximate search on Indian languages

Cross Language Transliteration for Indian Languages:

Indic IPA Transliteration

Indic ISO 15919 Transliteration


wiki2cd is a offline wikipedia repository creator  tool written for Malayalam wikipedia version 1.0 CD. The s/w is extensible and can be used with any language. Read more from here :

Encoding Converters

Payyans is a Language independent encoding converter – ASCII to Unicode and reverse. Read more from here :

Online encoding conversion tool


I used to participate in GNOME , KDE, Debian Localization projects as a translator and co-ordinator. Now a days I am not active in that.


Online English-Hindi, English-Malayalam Dictionary:

Dict protocol based desktop dictionary for Malayalam:

[TODO: Complete this page with details of rest of the projects/hacks]