FOSS migration of electronic circuit simulation lab

My proposal for migrating basic electronic circuit simulation lab to the FOSS tool eSim has been approved. The source code and documentation of experiments can now be downloaded from here.

eSim is an open source EDA tool for circuit design, simulation, analysis and PCB design. eSim is developed by FOSSEE (Free and Open Source Software for Education) – an initiative of MHRD, Govt. of India. FOSSEE promotes the migration of labs in educational institutions from proprietary tools to FOSS only ones through lab migration projects.

I am really happy to have become a part of this project. You can read my previous post on eSim usage here.

Geo-visualisation, the FOSS way

My friend Jaisen Nedumpala has been developing a Geo-visualisation system for Cheruvannoor Grama Panchayath(Page in ml_IN) of Kerala. The system, developed using FOSS tools is available here

“Development of effective geo-visualisation based decision support system (DSS) involved primarily data compilation from collateral sources, setting up appropriate hardware configuration, design of database and design of a spatial DSS. ”

Jaisen used softwares like GRASS, UMN MapServer and ka-Map. He has written a detailed documentation(English) on how he developed this and what are all the tools used.

Open Letter to Mammootty from Free Software Community

Microsoft will be signing up Malayalam movie star Mammootty as one of the brand ambassadors for the Computer Literacy programme that is to be organized soon in Kerala. FOSS community writes an open letter to Mammootty to Reconsider Promotion of Microsoft and their Proprietary Softwares.

It is available here: An open letter to Mammootty. I request all to endorse Open letter to Mammooty by adding your name there.

A nice post on ILUG-TVM on the issue: Another of M$’s dirty tactics

Plus meet May 2007 at Tippus Fort , Palakkad

Anivar, Praveen, Hiran, Sujith and myself reached the fort at 10.15 AM. Anivar, Praveen, Hiran and Sujith were wearing T-Shirts with Debian Logo.
Riyas has reached already.Meeting started at 11 AM.
Around 20 members participated in the meeting. Meeting place was FREE and OPEN as you have seen in the pictures.
We sat under the tree in the form of a ring. Students from MES kuttippuram, GEC Sreekrishnapuram and GEC Thrissur participated.
First item was introduction. Every body introduced themself, distros used/using etc.
Hiran introduced Riyaz and himself. Meanwhile Riyaz started burning Debian DVDs.
Hiran gave an introduction to Plus to the participants.
Praveen explained the Debian, apt, its difference between Ubuntu, its release cycle etc. The discussion on Freedom concerns and Ubuntu reached in the discussion of
GPL version 3.We discussed the new features of GPLv3: Internationalized terms in the GPLv3, DRM, Microsoft Novell Deal,GPL violation etc.
We watched the “Truth Happens” video.
Participants asked questions about Mp3 patent, LGPL, BSD, Apache license etc.

Praveen has bought chocolates from US. GSOC participants sponsored the lunch for all.

After lunch break, we discussed the future programs of PLUS. We decided to increase the participation of students from engg and arts colleges in Palakkad
GSOC mentors/students updated the status of the projects.
Anivar introduced SMC to the participants.
Praveen explained the translation process.